Parents/carers and those working with and for young children and families are well placed to support and guide young children to develop eating strategies which will help them make appropriate food choices, and appreciate that people come in all shapes and sizes. This module shares strategies to help children to become competent eaters and grow at a rate that is right for them.

The module is interactive with animations and scenarios with simple questions to consolidate your learning throughout.

This module accompanies the Smart Start module which also can be accessed free the ‘courses’ page. The Smart Start module provides us with some further tools to support children to develop healthy eating and physical activity.

After completing this module you will be more aware of how to:

  • Support children to become competent eaters, by tuning into their innate sense of hunger and fullness.
  • Implement the ‘Division of Responsibility’.
  • Describe how “Diet talk” or judgments on people’s size or shape may not be helpful , and how children may model behaviour shown by parents/carers.
  • Appreciate that health gain through better food and physical and social activity is achievable with or without a change in body size or shape.
  • Value a weight inclusive approach to prevent body dissatisfaction and dieting behaviours in all children.
  • All Managers, practitioners, community groups, support staff or volunteers who work with or for children and young people and their families.
  • Staff working in related professions including, social work, health and housing
  • Parents/Carers