Child Healthy Weight

This module links closely with ‘How we eat’ and ‘Healthy Body Image-Body Confidence’ and supports the methodology and language used in the promotion of a weight-inclusive approach by:

  • Appreciating that health gain through better diet, physical and social activity is achievable with or without a change in body size or shape.
  • Recognition that although people’s life circumstances (housing, stigma, poverty etc.) may have a big impact on health and lifestyle behaviours, encouraging children to develop good relationships with food, their bodies and those around them will support health gain in the wider sense.

Participation in this module will support practitioners to provide support and advice to children and families, working towards the following outcomes:

  • Improve the quality and variety of their diet, and achieve an appropriate quantity of food in order to meet optimal growth
  • Tune into inherent abilities to gauge their body’s need for food – responding to internal cues of hunger, thirst and fullness
  • Improved skills to make appropriate choices regarding food and health, appropriate to different social and cultural circumstances
  • Carers become good role models – promoting appropriate food choices, fit and healthy bodies.
  • Engage in physical activity which meets the National recommendations
  • Build good self-worth, self-care and body respect

The module is a mixed media presentation that will guide you through key messages in a clear, straightforward and interesting way. Video, audio, simple interactive tasks, links to national and relevant guidance, along with suggested further reading are suggested are used to explain and illustrate important learning points and consolidate your learning.

This module is for anyone supporting in the care and nurture of children and young people (professionally/personally)