Understanding the Child’s Plan

Through interactive content, films, interviews, links to national guidance and a few simple tasks to help consolidate your learning, this module will help all those involved in contributing to or carrying out actions to be included in a Child’s Plan to:

  • Understand the background, rationale and purpose of the Child’s Plan
  • Be aware of the legislation guidance, process and available tools
  • Understand the criteria for a purposeful plan e.g. components, what information is required and where
  • Consider strategies to ensure that the voice of the child or young person is at the heart of their plan

The module is a mixed media presentation which will guide you through key messages in a clear, straightforward and interesting way. Video and audio are used to explain and illustrate important learning points making it an effective and time-saving tool to help you understand more about effective child plans. You can work at your own pace and revisit the module as often as you like in order to complete your learning.

Throughout the module, there will be opportunity to download/print useful documents and on completion of the module, you will be able to download/print your course certificate.

Towards the end there will be a ‘pop up’ evaluation form for you to complete. The evaluation is a set of 8 simple questions, 7 are tick box style, one asks for a brief comment. Your feedback is important to us to inform course review and development.

  • All Managers, practitioners, community groups, support staff or volunteers who work with or for children and young people and their families and may be asked to input to a child’s plan.
  • Staff working in related professions including adult services, social work, health and housing
  • Parent, carers and significant family adults in children’s families who may be or becoming a partner to a child’s plan
  • Those considering a career in childcare